Amerindian teritory…33″x27″

Botanical Scene…39″x27″

Evening Landscape..33″x27″

Kaieteur Falls ..acrylic on board 33″x27″

Blue Sakie birds feeding

Acrylic on Board

Acrylic on Board

To PURCHASE this painting visit…

Acrylic on Board

Acrylic on Board


Country side…Click on link to Purchase


Home in Guyana..Old painting upgrade

ent home upgradeent home upgradeHome in Guyana

Need to paint your home back home follow contact info.

Guyana Rainforest / Kaieteur Falls

Photo Title

Guyana Rainforestb/ Kaiteur Falls …Highest one drop falls in the World….Mural Painting.

Dedicated to 9/11 Anniversary 2012..

Caribbean Beauty / Mural 20′ x 6′

Kaieteur Falls, Highest one drop falls in the world in GUYANA.

Mother Latchmi..

9-11 Anniversary

3D Painting..Mount Kailash / Alter/ Lord Krishna

Morning Dew..

Brick Wall..90’x45′..Supermarket outside. Contact info Call Prack 718 415 3083

Country Farm Land

9/11Memorial Painting my vision

Mural Painting on Vinyl fence

Landscape Painting /Coconut Walk

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